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A single, simple scheduling email delivered straight to your inbox every Monday morning  Stay legal. Stay profitable. Stay focused on running your core business… not running your vehicles. Imagine… ALL the annoying paperwork. ALL the hassle for ALL your vehicles… SORTED! From just £1 a day.

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Stress Busting & Street Legal

Tyres, servicing, fuel usage, insurances, licenses, staying on the right side of the Traffic Commissioner - you don’t need us to tell you how time consuming and stressful it can all be. Get even the smallest thing wrong and you can easily land yourself in big and expensive trouble. And while we all know that badly maintained vehicles will break down, cost you money and attract the attention of DVSA roadside checks, did you know badly maintained paperwork can also cost you your operator licence? Don’t trust to luck. Trust Fleet Friend to keep your business running smoothly. "I have a million sales people willing to sell me a ladder after I fall into a hole. Fleet Friend helps me avoid the hole in the first place"

Permanent Protection

From as little as £1 a day we’ll send you a detailed list of instructions to help keep your vehicles, your plant and your staff working efficiently and legally. And because we enjoy Approved Auditor Status you benefit from DVSA earned recognition which means you are are less likely to be stopped for roadside inspections. Sleep safe in the knowledge that your vehicles are being taken care of 24/7. And if there is a problem we’ll tell you exactly what you need to do, when by and exactly how to do it. Remember: The Traffic Commissioners don’t take prisoners - they takes licences. And licences mean livelihoods. Why risk it? Call us on 0800 998 9126 we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how Fleet Friend can keep you safe.

Fleet Friend

24//7, 365 day support. Your best friend if you have…

Vehicles Under 3.5 Tonnes

If you run cargo or Sprinter vans you’ll know how expensive off road time is. The last thing you need is a van breaking down on the way to a job or a delivery going wrong. Poorly maintained vans? They guzzle fuel too. And they look shabby. Fleet Friend makes sure all your vehicles are always in top condition. Out on the road making you money, not costing you money.

Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes

Then you’ll need an ‘O’ licence. Need to get one? Want to maintain your existing ‘O’ licence? Then it’s simple enough - the Traffic Commissioner has a clear set of requirements. You have to meet them.

Make it easy - use Fleet Friend

When the last thing you need are inconvenient roadside inspections, visits from The Traffic Commissioner or an instruction to attend an Operator Licence awareness course, the first thing we’ll give you is peace of mind. Everything you need to keep the Traffic Commissioner happy with your vehicles and your record keeping And what about FORS registration? Remember… these days most sites won’t admit your vehicles without it. Fleet Friend helps get you on the road towards all the necessary compliance and standards. Fleet Friend is perfect too if you operate plant Did you know you that if you use lifting equipment you need to keep you LOLER certificate (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998) up to date? Fleet Friend’s automatic scheduling helps you always stay ahead of your LOLER requirements.

Example One: Scheduled driver card downloads

A driver must download their digital driver card at least every 28 days. Driver cards will, in fact, retain much more than 28 days of information but the driver would commit an offence if the card is not downloaded at least every 28 days. We’ll help you keep on top of all your important download responsibilities.

Example Two: Points management

Say you have a driver with 3 points on their licence, it’s good practice to check his licence every six months. If they’ve got six then best check every three months. No points? Then a once a year check makes sense. Why is checking licences important? Because these are the common things that keep coming up with the Transport Commissioner.

Fleet Friend

Stay profitable. Stay compliant. Stay focused on running your core business… not running your vehicles Call now on 0800 998 9126 ALL the annoying paperwork. ALL the hassle for ALL your vehicles… SORTED! From just £1 a day.